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Schlage releases FIPS 201-1 AD-series lock

Published Thursday, August 09, 2012

Posted by FIPS 201 Administrator Thu, 09 Aug 2012 13:12:00 GMT

Schlage unveiled its FIPS 201-1 AD-series locks, offering government security personnel a customized electronic locks solution normally reserved for the private sector.

Sold as a complete system in either hard-wire (AD-301) or wireless (AD-401) versions, Schlage’s new electronic locks aim to provide increased connectivity while lowering the cost of opening doors.

The lock and reader and components of Schlage’s new system are FIPS 201-1 compliant and will communicate with the access control system through either RS-485 or Wiegand paths.

The readers will support both PIV and PIV-I cards and will feature hardware an firmware from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.

Multiple AD-301 hardwired locks can be configured to one panel, while the wireless AD-401 version will allow for up to 16 access points. Additionally, the wireless AD-401 model can utilize either the RS-485 of Wiegand interface modules. Schlage’s new electronic locks utilize a 900 MHz secure encrypted data transmission.