Why list your approved products on FIPS201.com?

Frankly, because the federal government is not going to market it for you. They established the approval processes but promotion is not their business. Sure, you are included on a list at some abstract .gov web page, but that will not maximize your product’s potential. You deemed it worthwhile to seek the approved status, doesn’t it make sense to let buyers know about it?

Show off your approved product in style.

It took hard work and money to get your product produced, tested and approved. Shouldn’t you show it off in style? FIPS201.com is the place to do it. It is where ID administrators and decision makers go to learn about the PIV program and the products approved for use. The visually appealing, interactive directory enables buyers to search for and compare products quickly and easily.

Top Google rank brings buyers to your listing

In addition to the robust approved products directory, a daily feed of news items, original feature articles and resources keep visitors up to date. Plus, FIPS201.com is the official media partner for the Interagency Advisory Board (IAB), the group that represents agencies working toward PIV compliance. Audio coverage is available shortly after each meeting for those who cannot attend in person.

All this has earned the site a top-five Google listing for key search terms such as “FIPS 201,” “FIPS 201 approved products,” “GSA approved products.” In turn, this accounts for our strong month-over-month visitor increases – more than 10,000 visitors per month average for past 12 months.

Listing is a powerful sales tool.

A single lead could more than pay for the annual listing expense … but each and every day more than 1000 in-depth product listings are reviewed by potential buyers.

Listing is easy and quick.

When you become a member, you will receive a username and password that enables you to access your secure administration page. You then enter a detailed product description, provide contact information for interested buyers, upload photos, and provide links to relevant datasheets and collateral materials. You can update your listings as often as you like.

Listing brings a host of additional benefits as well.

As a member you can also submit relevant white papers, audio/video assets, and event information for inclusion on the site. Listing is extremely cost-effective.

Annual membership and listing is just $1000 for a company with one to three approved products; $2000 for a company with four to 6 approved products; and $3000 for a company with 7 or more approved products.

Get proactive with your product promotion.

Federal agencies, state and local governments, first responders, international organizations, and private enterprises are all finding benefits in the PIV program and the FIPS201.com resource. You can cross your fingers that potential customers find your single line, unlinked entry at the obscure fips201ep.cio.gov/apl.php … or you can let your product shine at FIPS201.com.

Ready to get started?

Complete the Insertion Order below and return it via email or fax. Within hours, you will receive your personalized username and password and you are ready to begin entering data for your listings. It only takes about 15 minutes per product to complete the listing. (Note: Each membership request is promptly reviewed to ensure that only products that have successfully achieved GSA approval are included).

Remember, you can revise your entries as often as you like so don’t delay getting your product in front of potential buyers because you aren’t certain that your content

Where are my products?

You can find a complete listing of products and services on the FIPS 201 APL here.